“After reviewing the research on the effectiveness of imagery, relaxation, and music in reducing stress, RELAX.calm provides the clinician with scripts designed to arm adolescents with self calming and esteem enhancing positive self-talk skills.

RELAX.calm is a valuable resource for professionals and parents aware of the power of imagery in helping teens make positive changes.”


Anees A. Sheikh, PhD
Professor and former Chair of the Dept of Psychology, Marquette University
Clinical Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine, Medical College of Wisconsin



“Relax.calm ought to be made available to every young person (as well as adults) regardless of the frequency in which they are exposed to stressful situations. It is a wonderfully beneficial way to manage everyday common stressors as well as those unanticipated, or more severe stress inducing incidents we often cannot prevent. When words are not helping Relax.Calm does.”

Dr. William Steele, PsyD, MSW
Founder, National Institute of Trauma and Loss in Children


“Stress, anxiety, and depression are, unfortunately, all too common in the lives of our teens. RELAX.calm is a must for anyone who works with or cares for this vulnerable age group. The foundation of this book is rooted in prevention; feeding the branches of empowerment, hope and relief. From identifying the symptoms of stress and its related concerns, to developing a stronger sense of self; the techniques, strategies and practical tools for managing life’s challenges will help you take a teen to a place where they are able to manage their own stressors in healthy and positive ways.”

Mary McHenry MSW
Coordinator and Professor, Child and Youth Worker Program, Lambton College


"I just had to take a minute to let you know that the book arrived safely and I have been completely thrilled. I was able to put it to use immediately and I think it is an outstanding resource. The teens have something new and different that they are receptive to. My supervisees are clamoring to borrow it - I tell them it is in the "not yet" phase of book ownership. : ) THANK YOU and kudos for outstanding work!"

Cherie Spehar, MSW, LCSW, CTS
Child, Women and Family Therapist
Smiling Spirit Pathways, Apex, North Carolina


Inner Coaching . . .

  • reduces stress from children's lives

  • helps teens overcome anxiety

  • helps young people build confidence

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Helping Teens Manage Stress Using Relaxation & Guided Imagery

by the authors of the widely used program "Ready…Set…R.E.L.A.X." -- Jeffrey Allen, M.Ed. and Roger Klein, Psy.D.

New Teen Program from Inner Coaching

RELAX.calm, features over 50, five to ten minute relevant scripts that are easily used by therapists, teachers, counselors, parents and teens themselves to provide an avenue for positive change. RELAX.calm uses relaxation techniques, guided imagery and positive self talk to help teens:

  • make good choices

  • exhibit strong values

  • be successful

  • feel competent with peers

  • feel supported

  • increase self esteem

  • feel empowered

  • increase learning

  • become involved

  • develop test-taking skills

Titles include:

  • Motivation & Academic Achievement

  • Self Confidence & Bully Resistance

  • Attitudes & Asset Development​


 Softcover Book (211 Pages) - $24.95

ISBN-13: 978-0-963-6027-9-4

U.S. Orders Only - Allow 2-7 Business Days


 Digital PDF Book (211 Pages) - $9.95

Instant Download

RELAX.calm - Audio Companion 1
Motivation & Academic Achievement
 12 Audio Scripts - $10.95

Running time over 74 minutes.

Ages 10 and Up

Twelve engaging stories, backed by music, that will help manage stress through relaxation and guided imagery.

Additional follow-up activities are included in the Relax.calm softcover book and the digital PDF book.

The Affirmations Included:

  1. Introduction: 1:29 min.

  2. Test Preparation: I stay relaxed and calm while taking tests 6:16 min.

  3. Taps: I am a self-starter. 4:57 min.

  4. Game of Life: I set goals and work to achieve them. 7:15 min.

  5. Snowflake Symphony: My imagination helps me to see the world in creative ways. 5:36 min. 

  6. Freeze Frame: I store and retrieve information easily. 5:16 min.

  7. V for Victory: I work with others to accomplish goals. 7:29 min.

  8. Beached: I enjoy learning new things. 6:12 min.

  9. Book Adventure: Reading can take me anywhere. 5:09 min.

  10. Star Cruise: Seeing things differently is okay. 6:09 min.

  11. Inspiration: I can express myself through writing.  5:12 min.

  12. Welcome Web: I am able to focus when needed.  6:16 min.

  13. High Expectations: I set positive, realistic goals and strive to achieve them.  6:33 min.


ISBN-13: 978-0-963-6027-9-4

Instant Download - $10.95

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